How to Choose the Best Luxury Travel Luggage for Your Trip

01 Nov 21


How to Choose the Best Luxury Travel Luggage for Your Trip - GLOBE-TROTTER

If you’re looking for some new luxury luggage, take your time and choose carefully. A luxury suitcase is an investment piece, after all, and you want it to serve you well.

While all our premium suitcases will provide you with the quality, style and longevity that you desire, our collections hold a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs which suit a range of needs and occasions.

If you’re wondering which one will suit your lifestyle, our guide on the best luxury travel bags will hopefully answer some of your questions.

Choosing the Best Type of Luggage

What you need for a short business trip may not cut it for an adventure getaway. The Globe-Trotter luggage range comprises a variety of suitcase styles, allowing you to have the flexibility to choose which case suits best. Whether you’re a light packer or like to take all your creature comforts with you, we’ve got the right luxury travel luggage for you.

Best Luxury Travel Bags for Weekend Breaks

If you’re jetting away for an elegant city break, business trip or an exciting short escape, it’s likely you can get away with travelling on the lighter side. That’s unless you’re somebody who requires all your home comforts by your side; in which case, you may want to skip ahead to our “long trips” section.

For short stays, a small suitcase with wheels will do the trick. These are designed to be taken on board with you when you fly. All our luxury carry-on suitcases feature wheels for easy transportation. While our 4-wheel cases glide perfectly on smooth ground, you may prefer the manoeuvrability of a 2-wheel suitcase if you’re likely to encounter bumpy terrain.

Choose from our timeless Centenary collection, which comes in a range of different colours and includes classic, moulded leather corner detailing and straps. Alternatively, we have limited-edition lines, including James Bond and Disney inspired designs. Now that’s what we call travelling in style.

Best Luxury Suitcase for Travelling on Weekend Breaks

If you’re travelling for a prolonged period of time, it’s probably safe to presume you’ll want to take a fair amount with you. Enter the home comforts we mentioned above.

For these occasions, consider our luxury 4-wheel luggage collection. These suitcases come in a selection of sizes including carry-on, as well as medium and large check-in cases. Thanks to the 4-wheel design, weight is evenly distributed, and a gliding motion ensures your suitcase can be pulled along with ease, no matter how heavy it is.

There’s an array of different lines and colourways to choose from, including our Safari, Cruise and Deluxe collections. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to turn heads on your travels.

Luxury Suitcase Sizes

Understanding suitcase sizes is essential when you’re travelling in the air, as the last thing you need is to arrive at airport check-in to find your bag doesn’t meet the airline’s luggage regulations.

Carry-On Suitcases

With a 34-litre capacity, all of our carry-on suitcases are accepted as ‘carry-on size’ by most major airlines. This means you will be permitted to place them in the overhead locker, rather than needing to check them into the hold. But just because they’re on the smaller side doesn’t mean you have to get by merely with the clothes on your back; these suitcases are ideal for long weekends and business trips and can generally hold around 3 to 4 outfits. Dimensions vary between models, but they can be found in the product information.

Check-In Suitcases

Our larger luggage will need to be checked into the hold when travelling via plane. Our medium-sized suitcases hold a capacity of 78-litres (or around 15 outfits) and are ideal for trips lasting around two weeks. If you’re travelling for longer or simply need more space, our large bags have up to 103-litre capacity.

Caring for Your Luxury Luggage

A Globe-Trotter suitcase can last for many years, as long as you treat it with care. They’re among the strongest cases on the market and, while there’s no avoiding them getting scratched and marked along the way (we believe that simply adds character), they are prepared to handle the wear and tear of modern travel.

Globe-Trotter Luggage Material

We take pride in producing sustainable luggage. Globe-Trotter cases are crafted from Vulcanised Fibreboard, which is made from 14 layers of recycled paper that is heavily treated in a special heat and steam process. The material is considered as strong as leather yet as light as aluminium. Our cases are then accented with premium leather corners and handles.

Cleaning your Globe-Trotter

Take care when cleaning your Globe-Trotter, as strong detergents or abrasive products could damage the material. Instead, we recommend using a soft pencil eraser to remove any marks or a soft cloth moistened with a diluted detergent. Do not apply or use any cleaning or coating products on the leather components, as they may discolour or damage the leather.

Globe-Trotter cases are best stored in a cool, well-ventilated place, avoiding being exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or a damp environment.

Hopefully we’ve helped you decide on which Globe-Trotter is the right option for you. Whichever one you’ve picked, there’s no doubt you’ll be carrying style and elegance with you, wherever you’re travelling to.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Globe-Trotter London Flagship at 60-61 Burlington Arcade, 51 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0QJ or speak to a dedicated member of our retail team on live chat, email and by telephone.

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