Drawn together: Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS

01 Jan 23


Drawn together: Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS - GLOBE-TROTTER

The beloved comic strip has inspired an all-new collection of suitcases and travel accessories.

Who could have predicted that a simple comic strip drawn in 1950 by American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz would become one of the world’s most popular, influential and beloved creations?

PEANUTS, the witty comic strip centred around a lovable – if neurotic – schoolboy and his faithful pet dog, ran for half a century, leading it to be known as “arguably the longest story ever told by one human being”. Over the decades, the PEANUTS world has grown well beyond the confines of the four-panel comic strip into a global phenomenon. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang have been adapted into everything from toys, collectibles and games to animated shorts, feature-length movies, musicals and even amusement parks.

Now it’s time for PEANUTS to have a new adventure with a recently unveiled collaboration with Globe-Trotter. The British luggage brand is no stranger to unique collaborations, and this all-new Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS collection, released just in time for the holidays, is a similarly comprehensive range which includes Globe-Trotter’s iconic four-wheel luggage and a selection of leather travel and home storage accessories. PEANUTS-inspired colours, such as “De La Mer Orange”, “Doghouse Red” and “Linus Blue” are the foundation of the collection, and the characters are printed on several pieces so that you can travel with Snoopy and the gang by your side.

To celebrate this unique collaboration, Globe-Trotter spoke with Tara Botwick, Senior Director EMEA for PEANUTS Worldwide about the new collection, her packing style and favourite places around the world.

PEANUTS is over 70 years old. What do you think is its enduring appeal with children and adults alike?

Charles Schulz captured so many different human emotions and experiences in the comic strip – everything from crazy dogs and bossy big sisters to anxieties and unrequited love. Although the first strips were published seven decades ago, those moments still resonate today.

Which character do you most identify with most personally?

I’ve always related to the way that Lucy takes charge and goes after what she wants. A lot of people view her as bossy, but I relate to her leadership style.

Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Carry-On (Cabin) Suitcase Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Linus Blue.
Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Carry-On (Cabin) Suitcase With Four Wheels Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Linus Blue.

How did the collaboration between PEANUTS and Globe-Trotter come about?

We are always exploring collaboration potential with brands that resonate with our fans around the world and work closely with our colleagues at CPLG [a brand licensing agency] to identify these opportunities in Europe. As a nearly-75-year-old brand, we were excited by Globe-Trotter’s long history and knew they would be a wonderful collaboration partner for PEANUTS.

Snoopy and the gang have appeared on all kinds of products and toys over the years, but what makes this particular collaboration special?

Globe-Trotter’s heritage is, of course, a great match for PEANUTS. Both brands are iconic and timeless in their own way. One of the components of this collaboration that really excited me was the Peanuts brand was integrated through not only character art, but through iconic PEANUTS colours, like “Linus Blue” and “Doghouse Red”, which incorporate the essence of the brand into the pieces in a subtle, but impactful way.

Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Small Attaché (Briefcase) Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Doghouse Red and Cobalt Blue.
Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Small Attaché (Briefcase) With Detachable Strap Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Doghouse Red and Cobalt Blue.

What do you like about the Globe-Trotter brand?

Globe-Trotter produces such beautiful, iconic pieces that really transport you back to the golden age of travel. Every piece is a demonstration of quality craftsmanship, with incredible details throughout.

What are some of your highlights from the collection?

It’s hard to pick a favourite from this collection! I love the details on all of the pieces, especially the colours and the embossing. The accessories are especially delightful in the way the characters are utilised.

What is your packing style?

I am very much an organisation-minded packer. I rely heavily on lists and try to pack by outfit. I haven’t gotten my head around packing cubes just yet, but I aspire to that level. I do always make room for a few “what-if” pieces to allow for a little spontaneity. Above all else, it absolutely must fit in a carry-on.

Through the power of his imagination, Snoopy sometimes transforms his kennel into a World War I plane. What is your favourite mode of transportation?

I would have to say road-tripping in a fire-red convertible, though I wouldn’t pass up a private jet, if that’s an option.

Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Carry-On (Cabin) Suitcase Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Ivory and Cobalt Blue.
Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS Collaboration. Carry-On (Cabin) Suitcase With Four Wheels Featuring Snoopy and Woodstock in Ivory and Cobalt Blue.

What are some of your favourite countries and cities in the world?

I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit throughout Europe in my role at PEANUTS. A few of my favourite places to visit there are Prague, Barcelona, Düsseldorf and Italy (I can’t choose a favourite region there). Of course, I can’t forget the wonderful city I call home – New York.

What’s the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

I think it’s a toss-up between a castle in Palinuro, Italy or a cave in Matera, Italy – those were definitely memorable experiences.

What places are on your travel bucket list?

I would love to visit Iceland, as well as Fiji and New Zealand.

The first instalment of the Globe-Trotter x PEANUTS collection is available online and at Globe-Trotter Flagship stores in London, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

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