Globe-Trotter is proud to announce the opening of a third flagship store in Paris

07 Jun 24


Globe-Trotter-is-proud-to-announce-the-opening-of-a-third-flagship-store-in-Paris-France - GLOBE-TROTTER

As the world turns its attention to the vibrant streets of Paris for the 2024 Olympics, Globe-Trotter unveils its first-ever flagship store in France, expanding beyond London and Tokyo. This new destination offers the full Globe-Trotter range, including exclusive and limited-edition styles.

Situated in the heart of Paris, our new flagship store, set on a ground-floor space takes cues from the existing London flagship, blending contemporary and traditional interior features. Designed by renowned architectural and interior designer Ben Pentreath, the store retains a British look with a feel of considered sophistication.

Upon entering, customers will be greeted by colourful suitcases from the Centenary, Original, Deluxe collections, and special collaboration models. A dedicated area for bespoke and customisation services, along with a bar and seating area, creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

As we open our Paris flagship, Store Director Franck Gaudry shares insights into the store's design, Globe-Trotter's commitment to craftsmanship, and what customers can expect from their Globe-Trotter experience.

What inspired Globe-Trotter to choose Paris as the location for its first-ever flagship store in France?

Paris, synonymous with luxury and elegance, perfectly aligns with the aesthetics and quality of Globe-Trotter luggage. As a top tourist destination, Paris attracts millions of visitors annually, providing an international showcase for our brand.

Being at the heart of the fashion industry, Paris hosts events like Fashion Week, allowing us to connect directly with enthusiasts and influencers. Its central location in Europe makes our flagship store easily accessible to both locals and international customers, expanding our customer base and enhancing our global presence.

Can you tell us about the unique design and aesthetic of the new flagship store?

From the moment customers walk through our doors, they're transported to a world of travel. The interior design evokes adventure and exploration, with vintage suitcases recalling the golden ages of travel.

Our space exudes luxury and elegance, featuring high-quality materials like solid wood and carefully selected finishes that reflect the exceptional craftsmanship of our luggage.

We've designed the store for a fluid and pleasant shopping experience, including a dedicated customisation area. Here, customers can create bespoke luggage with the help of our professional team, offering personalised advice and attentive service at every stage of the process.

What can customers expect when they visit the Globe-Trotter flagship in Paris? Any exclusive products or experiences?

Our flagship store features our iconic products, special collections, and exclusive limited editions. We offer customisation options, allowing customers to choose colours for leather and metal parts to create unique pieces that reflect their personal style.

We regularly organise special events and collaborations with celebrities, designers, and travel experts. Our commitment is to provide expert advice, personalised recommendations, and attentive assistance, ensuring every customer finds the perfect luggage to suit their needs and preferences.

How does Globe-Trotter plan to engage with the local community and culture in Paris?

To establish a foothold in the Parisian community and culture, Globe-Trotter will adopt a holistic approach beyond just selling products. We will regularly organise and participate in events open to the local community, such as travel workshops, product demonstrations and meetings with experts in various fields. These events will allow Parisians to discover our brand, share travel experiences, and connect with other enthusiasts.

We'll also create exclusive content for our Parisian customers, keeping them updated with the latest trends in travel and style.

By adopting these strategies, I want Globe-Trotter to become an active and respectful member of the Parisian community, forging strong links with our neighbours and contributing positively to the city's vibrant urban life.

Can you share any insider tips for navigating the store and finding the perfect travel companion?

Before visiting the store, consider your specific travel needs. Your luggage is an extension of yourself, bearing witness to your adventures and life story. Think about whether you need hand luggage for short trips or a larger suitcase for longer stays, and consider your style, colour, and feature preferences.

Browse our website to explore our collections and customisation options and come to the store to meet our team. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and guide you through our product range. Take the time to try different models, ensuring they meet your expectations for comfort, handling, and storage. Feel free to open, handle, and inspect the suitcases from every angle.

What sets Globe-Trotter apart from other luxury luggage brands, especially in the Paris market?

What sets Globe-Trotter apart in the Paris market is our commitment to excellence, innovation, and style. With over a century of heritage, our luxury luggage is handcrafted by skilled artisans in our factory in England, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. We use a unique combination of Vulcanised Fibreboard and high-quality leather for optimal functionality and impeccable aesthetics. Our timeless designs blend tradition and modernity, creating pieces that are both fun and colourful, yet contemporary.

Finally, what are you most excited about for the future of Globe-Trotter in Paris?

Opening the Paris flagship store is an exciting new chapter in my career. It's an honour to collaborate with exceptional international teams and contribute to Globe-Trotter's success in my city. As manager, I look forward to leading a team, creating a welcoming environment for customers, and building strong relationships with colleagues in England, my Paris team, and our clients.

Launching this store is a rewarding challenge that will help me improve my English and develop skills in leadership and business strategy. Thank you to everyone who believed in me.

Visit us at our Paris flagship store at 31 Rue Boissy D’Anglas, Paris, 75008 to experience the exceptional service and timeless craftsmanship that define Globe-Trotter.

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