Globetrotting With... James Beim

16 Jul 18


Globetrotting With... James Beim - GLOBE-TROTTER

To celebrate the launch of an exclusive capsule luggage collection in partnership with the Hurlingham Polo Association, we talk sport, suitcase essentials and Star Wars with the captain of the England Polo Team

How were you first introduced to polo?
My family had no polo or horse background actually, but my brother and sister and I had a horse between the three of us when we were younger and we started doing dressage and jumping. One day, when I was about 10, an old colonel gave me a polo stick and said ‘give it a go’ – and it just went from there really.

Churchill famously said ‘a polo handicap is a person’s passport to the world'. Where has your career taken you and where are your favourite places?
I’ve played in Australia and spent a lot of time in Sydney, on the Gold Coast and also Melbourne. My wife’s Australian and I really enjoy it there. I’ve also spent time in South Africa in a place called Plettenberg Bay, which is on the coast near the city of George. Then there’s Buenos Aires – obviously – and also Auckland. I’ve been all over really.

Where is your favourite place to play polo?
I like to play here in England because it’s home but if I’m travelling then it’s probably Sydney. I also like playing on the beach in Spain.

What have been your favourite moments on tour?
It’s always good fun travelling around together and we had a great time when England played America in the 2009 Westchester Cup in Florida. It was the first time we played the US since before the Second World War and we ended up winning, so that’s a good memory.

How do you cope on long-haul flights?
I’m good, I’ve done them a lot as I go to Australia at least once a year. I watch a few films and go to sleep! My wife and I have two young kids so they watch many films and when I’m on the plane I catch up on a few of those.

What is your packing style?
I’m a little bit last-minute but I don’t travel with much. I’m quite lucky because most of the logistics are taken care of so I just grab my clothes and I’m off.

What do you never leave the house without?
It would be my Casio calculator watch. I’ve got a very old-school one that everyone makes fun of me for but I like to think I was way ahead of my time!

What’s the last book you read while travelling?
I don’t read many books but I do like the The Flashman Papers series; they’re fairly old books by George MacDonald Fraser.

What about the last film you saw?
The Greatest Showman – which was great. I’m a massive Star Wars fan too so I normally watch any Star Wars film on a plane.

Do you ever buy souvenirs?
Not really. If I’m buying anything when I’m abroad it’s normally a horse!

Where are you off to next?
My next trip is Argentina in October; we stay about an hour outside Buenos Aires. I go to Argentina a lot for polo – it's the best polo in the world – but the city is really cool. It’s Latin, it’s laidback, we go to bed late, take long siestas... it’s a relaxed style of life. Incredible food too.

The England Polo capsule collection launches this October, prices start from £85.

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