How To Make Your Globe-Trotter Last A Lifetime

16 Apr 19


How To Make Your Globe-Trotter Last A Lifetime - GLOBE-TROTTER

Naoki Matsuoka, repairs specialist at the Ginza flagship store, offers his top tips on maintaining your Globe-Trotter suitcase

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – St. Augustine

Whether it’s a whirlwind city break, exploring a secluded island or backpacking in the Alps in search of a glorious sunrise, travel shapes us and broadens our horizons. Once you invest in a Globe-Trotter, it will be your best travel luggage for life. But like any cherished item, it will need to be taken care of.

Choosing the right Globe-Trotter for you

The first step in your Globe-Trotter journey is picking the right case. Start by asking yourself some questions about the kind of travel you enjoy. Do you prefer carry-on luggage or would a larger size suitcase be more suitable to your lifestyle? Then think about your personal style and how your Globe-Trotter will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

You may be drawn to colourful or limited-edition designs but a classic, understated suitcase may be more suitable in the long run. Of course you may wish to go down the bespoke route or add your initials to create something truly unique. Either way, it’s always worth popping into the shop to trial the suitcases for yourself and to talk with one of our assistants to find your perfect companion.


In between travels, make sure your Globe-Trotter is kept in a secure place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures or damp, which could affect the shape and paint finish of the case. Also make sure to avoid leaving anything heavy on top of or inside the case for extended periods of time as this could affect its structure. We would suggest investing in a Globe-Trotter Case Cover (see below) for added protection and to store it inside a well-ventilated cupboard, store room or walk-in wardrobe.

Keep it clean

A Globe-Trotter is a beautiful item. And just as you would keep a cherished piece of jewellery or a pair of designer shoes in pristine condition, it’s important to keep your suitcase well looked after. Dampen a cloth with a diluted soap or fabric softener solution to clean the vulcanised fibreboard body. For lighter colours you can use a pencil eraser to gently wipe away unwanted scuff marks. The locks and hinges can be polished with a dry cloth and should be lubricated at least once a year.

Open and close the locks regularly to prevent stiffness. Globe-Trotter leather is a luxury, natural material so should be kept nourished with special leather cream to keep it from drying out. But don’t worry too much about minor scuffs and scratches on your case – these can be left as mementos of your adventures.

Pack smart

When you’re travelling, pack your sensitive items – silk, sequins etc – in tissue paper near the top of the case. Most important of all, make sure that any liquid items are kept in a sealed plastic bag to prevent any spillages that could damage the lining. When in doubt, double bag!

Warranty and repairs

All Globe-Trotter cases come with a two-year warranty but every customer is part of the Globe-Trotter family for life. Repairs are carried out in our Hertfordshire factory or by certified Globe-Trotter repair centres. Our cases are made using Victorian-era machinery and handcrafting techniques, and repairs are carried out in the same way to ensure the highest possible quality.

If you’re in doubt about any element of your suitcase or think it may need an MOT, take it into the store and a member of our team will be able to assist.


There are many fun and practical accessories to make the most of your Globe-Trotter case. The aforementioned Case Cover – which is available in navy, black and ivory – is ideal for keeping your Globe-Trotter clean and dust free at home or on-the-go. The Magic Handle is also a clever little accessory that acts as a suitcase handle extender to make manoeuvring through the airport more streamlined.

To ensure your suitcase won’t be mistaken for anyone else’s on the baggage carousel, invest in a beautiful leather luggage tag branded with the Globe-Trotter logo, or one of our new-season retro-inspired leather travel stickers.

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