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15 Aug 17


Material Gain - GLOBE-TROTTER
To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Globe-Trotter maintains its innovative nature with a string of new exciting collaborations.
When Englishman David Nelken introduced Globe-Trotter, not only did he realise it would become the world’s most famous suitcase, he also set a precedent for the
company as a pioneer of cutting-edge materials.

Globe-Trotter, founded in 1897, is renowned for revolutionising the use of vulcanised fibreboard, a strong yet lightweight substance made from multiple layers of bonded paper. Nelken patented the production technique in his famous trunk-style luggage back in 1901, and for the past 120 years vulcanised fibreboard has been a core component in all Globe-Trotter suitcases. So while little has changed about the Globe-Trotter brand in terms of style and production, the company has always been synonymous with innovation, and never one to shy away from trying something new.

Hypetex – the world’s first coloured carbon fibre originally developed by Formula One engineers.

This September, Globe-Trotter will launch its carbon fibre suitcase as part of a string of creative collaborations to commemorate the brand’s 120th anniversary. The Carbon collection is a limited-edition run of 120 silver 20” Trolley Cases made with Hypetex – the world’s first coloured carbon fibre originally developed by Formula One engineers.

‘We were really impressed with the durability of the Hypetex material,’ says Globe-Trotter designer Charlotte Seddon on the collaboration. ‘It was easy to integrate into our existing design and offers our customers the option to have the highest standard of protection for a suitcase in our much-loved classic style.’

Like vulcanised fibreboard, carbon fibre is renowned for its strength and lightweight qualities and has been experimented with in a growing number of products. So far these have largely focused on furnishings and include Halo, the world’s first all-carbon fibre chair designed in a playful array of colours. The new carbon fibre suitcases on the other hand, are stripped back to a cool, contemporary silver and finished with Globe-Trotter’s trademark leather straps, featuring corners in either burgundy or black. It’s eye-catching yet elegant, completely unique yet unmistakably Globe-Trotter.

The limited-edition 20” Carbon Fibre Trolley Cases will be available online and in-store from the end of September and cost £3,500.

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