Meet The Craftsmen: Silvana Spinnato, Supervisor

17 Oct 17


Meet The Craftsmen: Silvana Spinnato, Supervisor - GLOBE-TROTTER

In the second of our new series, we meet Italian-born supervisor Silvana Spinnato.


My role as supervisor is to make sure the job gets done and to spread work out to everyone.
I’ve got a team of around 12 people and every Monday morning I’ve got a list of what people need to do this week. You supervise them and I also get involved in production as well.

I started working at Globe-Trotter 11 years ago and originally learned to make handles.
That’s how I started. It’s quite a specialist skill, in a way, because if you start making it wrong that means all of the production is going to go wrong.

Globe-Trotter ‘caught’ me from the very first day I started because it’s so interesting.
I have an open mind and I like to learn different things and discover new things. I’m originally from Sicily and I used to work for Italian people in a completely different industry. At Globe-Trotter, every day is kind of the same job but it’s still exciting to do it because the finished product is amazing. There’s such a strong history. I love my work, I really do.

Every single day is a challenge at the factory.
I keep my people motivated to do their job. I want them to do it well, because I’m not just here for my wages, I’m here because I like it. I want to make sure that they have the same enthusiasm and energy.

The cases we make are such beautiful products.
My daughter went to Tuscany recently, and as soon as she landed everyone was crowding around to ask where she got her suitcase from. She’s got three of them. I don’t have any, I buy them for her!

Globe-Trotter is family.
I never wake up feeling like I don’t want to go to work. For me, every time I come here it’s with a smile.

My favourite design is the Bond case.
I like it so much. It is harsh to look at but at the same time soft and elegant.

In my spare time I like reading and watching crime stories.
Anything that’s exciting, I have to watch it. Don’t give me Big Brother or Love Island! I also love anything to do with British history. I fell in love with this country 22 years ago, so anything to do with the history of England, I love.

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