My Globe-Trotter... Gareth Scourfield

17 Dec 18


My Globe-Trotter... Gareth Scourfield - GLOBE-TROTTER

In the first of a new series profiling Globe-Trotter suitcases and their owners, we talk to stylist, menswear editor and creative consultant Gareth Scourfield

When he’s not travelling the world styling the likes of Daniel Craig, Richard Madden and Taron Egerton for the red carpet, Gareth Scourfield can be found devising sartorial words of wisdom as style director for men's’ lifestyle magazine, The Jackal. Here he tells us about exotic travels with his trusty 23-year-old Globe-Trotter, minimalist packing and making a fashion faux pas in front of Suzy Menkes.

What’s the story behind your Globe-Trotter?
When I started my first job at GQ in the 90s we had about six or seven Globe-Trotters that we would take on shoots and travel with because they were sturdy and secure and there just weren’t a lot of great cases on the market at that point. The fashion director at the time also had one and because I got used to using them for work I realised how good and robust they were and how smart they look. So I just had it in my mind that one day I would get myself a Globe-Trotter. I saved up for a few months and eventually bought one. I chose the old style without the belts and went for black with conker-brown leather corners.

Your case has various stickers on the body. How did that start?
The first time my case came off the carousel in the airport it had a security sticker on it and I was absolutely mortified! That happened on a few trips and after a while I kept a few on. I can’t actually remember my very first sticker but I started collecting them. It was just trips and memories; there are stickers from Hawaii, Mauritius, LA, all over Europe and then brands too. I’ve got some trainer stickers, the Apple logo and illustrations. I remember being at Heathrow and someone asked if he could take a picture of my case, but what I didn’t realise until after he’d taken the photo was that he was a designer and I actually had a sticker of his brand on the case.

Are you often complimented on your case?
Yes I am, a lot. Even from strangers on carousels standing next to me. Check-in staff often ask where it’s been. In the 23 years I’ve had it, it’s only been in for repairs twice and one of those was for the locks, which reminds me of an embarrassing story. I was at a Paris airport during fashion week and my suitcase came off the carousel and some of my clothes were spilling out – thankfully it wasn’t underwear. I was stood next to Suzy Menkes who was waiting for her luggage and she said: 'oh dear!'. I was so embarrassed that it was mine I just let it go around the carousel until she left.

What about the other time it went in for service?
It was earlier this year. I’d taken my case into the Mayfair store and that was the only time it’s had its proper full service. Unbeknown to me, the wheels had gone a little while ago and there was an actual hole in one of them. They said it may be difficult for the factory to fix and my heart sank a little. I would never get rid of it. They did manage to fix it in the end, and they did an amazing job – they put new wheels on it, gave it a new lining and added a handle to the side, which has made a world of difference. I had a really lovely letter from the Globe-Trotter team when it came back from repairs, they were saying how amazing it was and how they wanted to keep it!

What’s the furthest you’ve travelled with it?
It comes on every journey with me but I recently leant it to my wife to travel to Australia with. That’s the furthest my case has travelled without me but the furthest I’ve ever travelled with it is probably Hawaii. I’ve been New York, Miami, India, South Africa… I’ve definitely clocked up the mileage and it certainly hasn’t been first class all the way. It’s been on the back of jeeps and some pretty ropey places on location: remote lakes in Canada, deserts and even volcanoes. It’s had quite a life I have to say. The first few scratches I was like, 'agh!' – but after a while you just think, it’s being loved and worn and used. They’re built to be used.

What’s your packing style?
I tend to be pretty organised. My wife is the opposite! I work with a bit of a capsule wardrobe, and keep an eye on where I’m going, check the weather forecast before I leave, etc. I lay outfits out on my bed and don’t take extra shirts or jackets. I guess that comes with my job of styling lots of people in shoots: it has to work on a minimal set-up. You can’t have 14 separate outfits for 14 different days. That’s my planning and that’s how I pack. Going on trips I tend to fold and pack in outfits and I always carry a steamer with me. It doesn’t matter what star hotel you’re going to, you know you can easily unpack at the other end.

What else do you never leave the house without when travelling?
I have a lavender pillow spray from a brand called This Works that’s always in my bag. It’s brilliant, I take it on flights and to hotels. I could probably sleep standing up but it’s a jet-lag thing – wherever I’m going I need to get to sleep and this spray is just brilliant for that. It’s that familiarity too. You associate that smell with being grounded and somewhere familiar when you’re in unfamiliar places.

What was the last trip you went on with your Globe-Trotter?
It was back in June when I went to New York to style Daniel Craig for an Omega shoot. Before that we went on a family holiday to Mauritius over the Easter holidays, which was amazing.

And where are you off to next?
It will probably be the fashion shows in January, so Florence, Milan and Paris. My Globe-Trotter will be coming with me of course.

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