Reintroducing Grey & Caramel

17 Feb 22


Reintroducing Grey & Caramel - GLOBE-TROTTER

Globe-Trotter is proud to reintroduce our modern, romantic and stylish suitcases, Grey & Caramel collection. Some colour combinations are timeless, others unexpected. It is that most classic and understated combination – black and white – that gives birth to another achromatic colour: grey.

Achromatic refers to the absence of hue; quite literally a colour without colour. That may seem like a bleak way to describe a shade which, on the one hand, is cold and austere, but on the other is sleek, stylish and timeless. When we think of grey in this descriptive way, as opposed to being purely about colour, it alludes to the inherent complexity of people; no one being simply good or bad or one characteristic. As British author Graham Greene wrote, ‘Human nature is not black and white but black and grey’.

New from Globe-Trotter this February is an intriguing colourway that reintroduces grey to the current collection; inspired by the past but presented for the needs of a modern suitcase design.

Grey & Caramel is a new range of signature Centenary suitcases, available in carry-on and check-in sizes, as well as jewellery cases, watch cases and attachés. With its signature Vulcanised Fibreboard body in the suitcases, Globe-Trotter has reframed this iconic “non-colour” as contemporary, elegant and romantic, offset by rich caramel leather straps and detailing. The simple grey tone is given definition by the caramel colours, resulting in a unique colourway that will go with every outfit and season. The particular shade of grey chosen was directly inspired by the company’s 125-year-old history and archive.

‘Globe-Trotter used to produce a large number of beautiful grey toned suitcases, as far back as we can remember,’ explains Globe-Trotter’s executive chairman, Vicente Castellano. ‘We have these much-loved grey cases in our archive, and although worn and some well over a century old, they could still be used for travel today. It is testament that this colour was always and continues to be a classic. I'm very excited that we are reintroducing this into our collection again.’

The new Grey & Caramel collection is available from Thursday 17th February 2022, a time when we are emerging from a grey period into one tinged with optimism and hope – a world waiting to be explored once again.

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