Pop Collection

As summer gracefully yields to autumn, Globe-Trotter is excited to keep the spirit of wanderlust alive with the introduction of a vibrant new Pop Colour collection and invites you to embark on a journey that transcends seasons and transports you to exotic locales around the world.

Delivered by Christmas

Elevate Your Christmas With The Perfect Gift

Three Captivating Colours to Choose From

Parrot Green, Flamingo & Pastel Blue

Parrot Green

Evoking Lush Green Landscapes & Idyllic Islands


Embodies The Element of Dreamy Pink Sunsets & Cherry Blossoms

Pastel Blue

When Sunlit Skies Meet Pristine Azure Seas

Two Timeless SILHOUETTEs to Choose From

Original & Centenary

Original Style

Original Style

Centenary Style

Centenary Style